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Hypersonic Aircraft

Although there was a team of engineers who worked on this project,  I was the configurator who designed the airplane seen here and in the patent.  This airplane took on a life of its own in cyberspace and in Hollywood.  Google "Northrop Switchblade" to see all the speculation out there!  This Airplane was used in the movie "Stealth". Hollywood sure spiffed up the design.  I am sure they put a lot more effort into it than I did because I remember only having maybe 3 days to complete the design and drawings for this project.  It was a simple IRAD study project.  The cover of Popular Science was true to my patent drawings, the Hollywood version was not so much.

US Patent 5984231 - Full PDF

This is the full scale mockup Hollywood built for the movie stealth.  They started with my patent drawing and their artists really spiffed it up, I like it!

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